Why Your Business Still Needs Direct Mail Marketing


Direct mail marketing is a great way to reach customers who are high-intent by nature and increase brand awareness. It is also fantastic as a targeted form of marketing that still yields effective results. Direct mail marketing in Colorado Springs works without a middleman being involved and uses powerful call-to-action that piques the interest of the targeted audience. This can be done using brochures, telephone campaigns, newsletters, postcards and even text messages.   Technology is advancing everyday but here’s why direct mail marketing in Colorado Springs is still a force to reckon with for any businessman to consider.


Direct Mail Marketing

Better Visibility Compared to Email Marketing

Do you know that out of over 200 billion emails sent every day, only less than 35% are actually opened? Everyone is doing the same thing with email marketing so there’s a higher chance that your email goes into spam or is ignored. Direct mail marketing on the other hand has a visibility rate above 75% most of the time. People are still more likely to read their physical mails than email despite what you may think.



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Direct Mail Colorado Springs

Better Targeting of High-Intent Customers

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The beauty of direct mail marketing in Colorado Springs is that you can deliver a tailored message to a specific set of customers and be sure it will get to them. You can even filter your target audience by their income, location or buying habits for more specific targeting. This means you spend less getting your message to more people. 


Higher Trust Factor with Direct Mail Marketing

Higher Trust Factor

How many times have you received scam/phishing emails about your favorite product or bank? That hardly ever happens with direct mail marketing which means customers still trust direct mail materials in their mail boxes than emails in their inbox. What this means is that direct marketing offers you a better opportunity to customize your message and put it in an interest or attractive package that will encourage customers to read and take action.


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Cost Effective Direct Mail Colorado Springs

Cost Effective

Direct mail marketing is one of the most cost-effective forms of marketing there is because you have the opportunity to target a wide audience with higher return on investment than other means. The cool thing about direct mail marketing lists is that you can do small test runs to fine-tune your audience and message design before deploying your main campaign. It is way more effective and cheaper than pay-per-click or pay-per-impression online campaigns that have a much lower conversion rate.  


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Direct Mail Colorado Springs

Improves Other Marketing Strategies

Most businesses use direct mail marketing in Colorado Springs in conjunction with other electronic marketing strategies because it is effective in strengthening overall marketing efforts and can be a deal-clincher. Think of a customer who has been seeing a certain web ad in passing and then gets to see what the product is about in a direct mail.  Are you still thinking of what to do with your marketing budget? Talk to us today and we will walk you through the best direct mail marketing Colorado Springs has to offer.  


Amongst all the marketing strategies that businesses have access to today, direct mail marketing is slowly growing a wrong reputation as being a thing of the past. This is definitely not so even though we like in a digital world. People still respond to the so-called “old” marketing techniques positively compared to email or other digital methods online.